Don’t you just hate waiting, even when it’s planned and scheduled? Drives me nuts, every time. So what do you do when you’re waiting? Amongst other things, like working your way through the 10 domains of study for the upcoming 6 hour CISSP exam in one seating (!), you write a blog on waiting.


On waiting? “Go for it!” is more like my idea of doing things. That being said, I mostly cannot relate to the passive form of waiting, not my cup of tea. But even with “Go for it!”, there is always and inherently, waiting, be it active waiting under your control or under the control of another party.

Aah yes, by now I know you’re like “Where TH is this leading to?” Feel a regular “what’s up, doc?!” scratch of the head coming up?


Awaiting approval and anticipating next steps to move on quickly when approved, is the most common example of active waiting under your control. The active rest period before an endurance sports event following on months of training, is another. If calculated correctly, the active rest period enables peak performance right then when needed and with maximized results. I know them both, easily controllable.

By now, perhaps you fancy a “Ain’t nobody got time for this!” scratch of the head (sorry)? 


It gets tricky when reversed, when awaiting delivery for approval. Nothing to anticipate, delivery is under control of another party, to many variables to consider, a waste of time to do any work anticipating your approval: it’s just not there yet, if it comes at all as scheduled. So just wait, a mere “I’ll see it when it gets here” aka live in the moment idea.. And, do other things, like prep for the exam or write a blog. Still, very active.

Maybe, just maybe, by now scratching the head like “What have I done now?” is in place?


Naaaah! If the latter scratch, sorry, can’t help you there. Or myself for that matter.

So where TH was I leading to? Actually nowhere, other than that many others before have scratched their heads for a variety of reasons and under similar circumstances. Paused for a moment. Knowing that is comforting at this point in its own weird way. Makes my wait easier. Adds some fun to the equation.

Just a few hours to go, end of week, delivery coming for approval. A fun wait.

**Random pictures from google search included, if it infringes your copyright in any way, let me know, I’ll take ‘m down if applicable**