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Oh Dear, I didn’t think I’d ever say this again, but it seems H.I.M. – like Lady Gaga refers to the Playful One above –  is actually still watching over us.

H.I.M. will,

  • put it on your path, when the time is there,
  • make you struggle for years and years, you will have to overcome,
  • make you fight for it again and again, you will have to want it,
  • want you to open your eyes wide, you will have to discover,
  • present cross roads, you will have to choose.

And, the weirdest thing,
H.I.M. doesn’t even need you to be thankful in praise. I wasn’t.

Humbled though. I guess,
H.I.M. asks for only that, be humble and kind. That I try to be.