Right, so here’s a list, written sipping on a caipirinha

Chances are small if not substantially slim and insignificant, that you have

– Spent a night or more in a room on the Penthouse Floor of Naples Florida’s Ritz Carlton, with personal Butlers

– Visited the most natural blue sea surrounded Captiva Island in the Pacific and while there, stayed in the South Sea’s Island Resort

– Visited most of Western Europe for work and leisure, not being on a budget

– Drank wines of vineyards and class of which you will never even start to understand why they are as exquisite as they are priced

– Dwelled and spunked as friends amongst both the creme the la creme of first world society as well as others, which are closer to you.

No, chances are even more slim and attributably low, that you have

– Visited the wonderous and unimagineably beautiful interior of that Country on The Atlantic you live in all your life

– Understood anything about sustainability, living with nature, loving animals and plants for what they are, a luxury for you in oblivion, perhaps -wrongfully so – in abundance

– Grasped an idea of general and business ethics, without thinking in terms of facilitation and thus oops, corruption.

Yes, chances are indeed not very high, for you. Not for me, did it all.

Than why, oh why, do you dare to reflect your – in all kindness on my side – stupidity, ignorance and smallmindedness on me?

How dare you, really. Go travel, see the world, create your own opportunities, grab them, win them, live them, fail at them, fall on your face, twice more is better, get back up, find new ones.

Than, maybe, than, get back to me, and in all kindness I will embrace your ignorance. If still there. I loved the caipirinha, it was perfectly sweet with exactly the right twist of sour. Feel it?