Staircase, multiple layers of paint, time, usage, scratches. Art in time and space

Blog started in January, 2014. Focused on perspectives, different angles, looking through someone else’s eyes, hearing through someone else’s ears. We all have our own reality in which things ‘are supposed to fit’. I experienced that to be very true being a global citizen born and raised in one country and raised further, studying, living, working and traveling in others.

No-brainer that one will find countries, cultures, religions, ethnicities, people including myself, in different stages of development, be it modern, traditional, developed, 3rd world or any other ambiguous characteristic. We fear the unknown, it’s a human thing, actually a smart thing, all considering. But bring in another perspective, take a bird’s-eye view, and suddenly it’s a learning curve.

Nothing to fear, just an open mind and some empathy. That’s human as well. And smart too. Calling Home. Still trying to find Home.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I see you have just started blogging! I started in 2010 and have never looked back. You have some interesting posts already, and thanks for following my blog! Enjoy…


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