Lupita’s Reminders


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Lupita Nyong’o reminds all in acceptance speech: “so much joy in my life, is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s” and, “no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”. Best actress side-role, Oscars 2014.

Inspirational, worthwile listening to (only 2″53′):



Struisvogels en hoofd in ‘t zand


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[Analogie] Paramaribo Zoo heeft ook struisvogels. ‘t Lukt ze slecht hun kop in het zand te steken, zag ik tijdens een bezoek in januari. Hun verentooi was zwaar beschadigd, als van de kippen in legbatterijen. Ze wilden zo graag niet weten dat de schildpad hun voer uit hun voederbak kwam eten, dat de Adelaar verderop in een voor hem beperkende kooi zat. Maar ze zagen ‘t toch. Het was in hun “news feed” en daar konden ze bar weinig aan doen, tenzij ze hun hoofd in ‘t zand staken. Dat ging niet.
Analogieën en associatief denken, meestal werk voor de rechterhersenhelft las ik ergens. Of was ‘t andersom..? Doet er minder toe, net zoals deze specifieke zoo en de dieren in deze analogie minder belangrijk dan de aangehaalde kenmerkende eigenschappen van elk, de sfeer en de acties/handelingen. Paramaribo Zoo werkt met beschikbare en gedoneerde middelen keihard aan het verbeteren van het welzijn van de dieren die ze toch al in beheer hebben en educatie van jongeren over de dieren. Geen slecht woord van mij over hen. Feit blijft, de beestjes zitten krap. De analogie daarentegen raakt wel aan hedendaagse actieve news feeds i.t.t. “old school” zo je wilt passieve kranten en tv/radio-nieuws.

Bijvoorbeeld, je kunt er voor kiezen om de kranten en omroepen uit je leven te bannen of selectief het nieuws tot je te nemen, het wordt je voorgeschoteld. Je kunt er voor kiezen om zelf publieke social media te engagen of uit je feed te halen als het je niet bevalt. Je kunt ook de social media feed uitzetten van FBF’s** die te veel activistisch posten, als je dat niet aanstaat. Alleen, dat laatste blijkt lastiger: dat wil je eigenlijk helemaal niet, want je hebt ze juist daarom in je actieve feed gehouden. Actief, niet voorgeschoteld, relatief weloverwogen en zelfgekozen.

En laten we wel zijn, als ‘t van belang is voor mijn (echte) vriend(en), dan wil ik er minimaal notie van nemen, indien het zich aanbiedt in mijn feed, on- of offline. Effe snel buurten, seconden werk, in tijd uitgedrukt. Tenzij ik kies voor de struisvogeloptie, zoals een FBF gisteren weer, in navolging van velen sinds november bijvoorbeeld: een item dat de wereld over is gegaan, óns in NL heeft bereikt vanuit de USA en vanuit Azië, terwijl het hier speelde, breeduit is uitgemeten in diverse internationale media, en dan melden “ik heb het niet geweten”, ongeacht welke mening die er over heeft of niet.

Dát wil ik ook kunnen: hoofd in ‘t zand, doen alsof er niets gebeurd is. Wel dus. Er is veel gebeurd 2e helft 2013 tot heden. Een transitie in diverse vormen <- voer voor een volgend blog allicht,

** FBF = een Facebook contact (“Facebook Friends”) als begrip vereist enige toelichting. Deze komt in diverse soorten en maten van contactvormen en in even zo diverse combinaties van real life, online, online-only voor. Netals de categorieën real life en online, bevat ook de categorie online-only mensen die “echte vrienden” kunnen zijn, gelet op het intense, diepgaande persoonlijke contact in-feed of in-privé: een lijfelijke ontmoeting heeft (nog) nooit plaats gevonden, anders dan bij real life en een deel van de online contacten/relaties. Zoiets.

Waiting Humour



Don’t you just hate waiting, even when it’s planned and scheduled? Drives me nuts, every time. So what do you do when you’re waiting? Amongst other things, like working your way through the 10 domains of study for the upcoming 6 hour CISSP exam in one seating (!), you write a blog on waiting.


On waiting? “Go for it!” is more like my idea of doing things. That being said, I mostly cannot relate to the passive form of waiting, not my cup of tea. But even with “Go for it!”, there is always and inherently, waiting, be it active waiting under your control or under the control of another party.

Aah yes, by now I know you’re like “Where TH is this leading to?” Feel a regular “what’s up, doc?!” scratch of the head coming up?


Awaiting approval and anticipating next steps to move on quickly when approved, is the most common example of active waiting under your control. The active rest period before an endurance sports event following on months of training, is another. If calculated correctly, the active rest period enables peak performance right then when needed and with maximized results. I know them both, easily controllable.

By now, perhaps you fancy a “Ain’t nobody got time for this!” scratch of the head (sorry)? 


It gets tricky when reversed, when awaiting delivery for approval. Nothing to anticipate, delivery is under control of another party, to many variables to consider, a waste of time to do any work anticipating your approval: it’s just not there yet, if it comes at all as scheduled. So just wait, a mere “I’ll see it when it gets here” aka live in the moment idea.. And, do other things, like prep for the exam or write a blog. Still, very active.

Maybe, just maybe, by now scratching the head like “What have I done now?” is in place?


Naaaah! If the latter scratch, sorry, can’t help you there. Or myself for that matter.

So where TH was I leading to? Actually nowhere, other than that many others before have scratched their heads for a variety of reasons and under similar circumstances. Paused for a moment. Knowing that is comforting at this point in its own weird way. Makes my wait easier. Adds some fun to the equation.

Just a few hours to go, end of week, delivery coming for approval. A fun wait.

**Random pictures from google search included, if it infringes your copyright in any way, let me know, I’ll take ‘m down if applicable**

“We and the World / Wij en de Wereld” – Way Ahead of its Time!


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Last January, I got myself a re-print of this rather unique collection of our children’s learning books, Wij en de Wereld. They are the ones my friends and I of all color and races in one country, grew up with. Especially written for us back then, school kids in Suriname, in our native Dutch, by our own. During swim training I remember the author being in the same swimming lane, he was a veteran swimmer then. I never knew he was the key-writer of our books.

Wij en de Wereld, translates to “We/Us and the World”, well-adapted to our local situation, and I am looking at these texts in awe currently: was I really able to read that as a child? And, back then, I did not blink once at the dark people in the pictures. When I opened it last week, I blinked. Apparently, as an adult in Europe, I have become more self-conscious of (the power of) ones color. Apparently as well, the idea has been instilled within that it is rather uncommon to be literate, even double-academic being of color. When did that happen? Jeez!

I remember now, browsing through the books, both were no issue growing up. I didn’t even notice color back then, no awareness whatsoever. And we grew up proud back then, no reason for doubting our abilities. It seems our books were way ahead of time, in many ways. As opposed to life today on this side of the Ocean. Or have we lapsed backwards?

Wij en de Wereld



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(see full image)
A first post from Instagram through e-mail to the blog, trying out the options as always. Click-on-pic will redirect to Instagram for full pic-view. Funny how that in itself resembles dislocation of some kind. Too many clicks.. Coincidences of life.

The text:

Was supposed to be there,
intentionally. Not here.
Somehow, somewhere along the line,
focus shifted. Eyes wide shut.
Feels like being stuck in 5 feet of
muddy twilight zone.
For 24 earth orbits around the Sun.


No Regrets


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I ran into a cool blog/article. I had read the text before in a feed filling Facebook post Its title is …kind of morbid, but the intention is indeed inspirational. It fits nicely into my non-regret posture of “Wishing it, won’t make it happen, living it, will”. If you want something, try imagining it first and keep doing that, living it before it’s there, until it feels inevitable that you should have it and the only thing missing is you having it.

At the same time, writing this post follows on the weirdest warped and unstructured thoughts pushed on to me by my mind. In all blackness, more than darkness, first me and mom are walking the streets, going somewhere, to have diner. Suddenly I realize I left something in the house and walk back to fetch it. Leaving her, saying she will be fine and I will catch up. I never did, I lost her coming back. Second, now three of us went swimming, again all blackness, more than darkness. Two of us in a rubber boat, moving away from mom, who is in the water, where we pushed off. Was, no response on my loud voice. I go back for her, I swim down then up against heavy tides, strangely both ways strong pulling tides. The piers I pass are of the houses at Republic, an outdoor place I frequented growing up. I can’t find her. It seems as if some time has passed, I am apparently looking outside, a view from my bedroom window. On the streets, a police car stopped not far from the house. Weird, it’s not a Dutch car, not a Paradise car, but a US Sheriff’s car with red flashing lights. There seems to be something stretched on the street next to the car. I can’t see what it is.

They call it bad dreams. This text is as unstructured as the warped thoughts themselves. I do not refer to it as imagining a want as above. That would be structured, controlled, directed. No regrets.

Fresh Papaya – Sweet with a soft bite


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Fresh sliced Papaya

Tagged along a nice and ripe Papaya, I did not get to eat any while visiting Paradise. To limit wasting precious pieces of Papaya, I used a cheese slicer to remove its peel. At first glance, it looked as if this Papaya felt the winter cold, “No way I’m being ripe here, keep me in my jacket please!” No, pure perfection after I cut the Papaya. Tasty fresh Papaya, not slightly cloying like the pre-packaged papaya-parts in my neighbourhood Supermarket, but soft with a bite and a pleasant sweet taste. Deli-Ci-Ous!